Does your monthly wireless data bill seem a bit high? Have you moved everyone to unlimited data plans as it seems more cost-effective and easier to manage?

1. The truth is that your unlimited data plan isn’t really unlimited.

There’s a cap on your high-speed data, no matter what plan you purchase. Although you won’t pay overages, your data speed will come to a crawl (throttle) if you go over your limit. When it comes to your mobile hotspot data, there are clearly defined limits separate from your “unlimited data” before your data is throttled or completely turned off. This is something wireless vendors will never share with you.

2. What you are really getting with your high-priced unlimited plan. Limits.

Outside of unlimited talk and text, you are limited in the amount of high-speed data you can access. Many companies begin to have problems and think there is something wrong with the services when they just haven’t read the fine print. The good news is There are cost reduction companies out there that are invested in protecting you from this fine print and cost.

3 What you need to ask yourself. Does it make sense for a business to move all their users to unlimited data?

In most situations, this is not in the best interest of your company as it will begin to eat all of your profits. The reason, most users, will use far less data, and why pay for something every month that will never be used? Your high data users, are often less than 5% of your total staff and could do most of their work on non-limited data plans. While the other 95% of users will fit perfectly into a much less expensive plan that doesn’t eat into your company profits. some of these plans are not one-size-fits-all.

4. How does a cost reduction consulting company manage your monthly data usage?

We look at a rolling 12 months on your invoices for each individual user to determine their data trend. If the user consumes more data than their job requires, then we begin to look at other recourses to support that high usage user. For low usage users that you are overpaying on their data plan, we look for many other options that most customers don’t know about, for example, a shared data plan, and begin that transition of changing these plans. These different approaches are sufficiently much less expensive than an unlimited plan.

5. Why do you need a cost consulting consultant.

How does a Cost Consultant help my company? Properly managing a full workforce data plan is very time-consuming and leaves a lot of room for errors. Cost consultant companies not only save you on cost and enhance your profits but also save on time and frustration which is an indirect cost in your business. . We often relieve our clients of excess waste cost and burdens by managing this process from start to finish every month.