Our Story

After having worked for Verizon and AT&T for over 10 years, Donovan noticed that all of his business customers were overspending on their wireless bills. After helping one customer save over $40,000 a year he decided to work for companies who want to reduce their overall spend.


After a few years of helping 100’s of clients save money on their wireless bills they have expanded the categories to include wired (landline & internet), waste, document storage, shipping and many others.


The goal is to find savings for your company by reviewing your invoices every month. This monthly management approach saves you time, frustration, and money. It also ensures you are paying the least amount every month without having to spend your resources and staff.

Meet the Team

Donovan Lashley

Donovan Lashley


Janell Lashley

Janell Lashley

Marketing Specialist

Hannah Tullous

Hannah Tullous

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Aleksandar Papalazov

Aleksandar Papalazov

Research Analyst Team Leader



The Puplisher



Business Development Partner



Cost Reduction Specialist



Business Development Partner

Brenda Langston

Brenda Langston

Executive Financial Analyst

Brooke Enslin

Brooke Enslin

East Coast VP of Business Development

Luna Gonzales

Luna Gonzales

Client Results Manager

Rudy Barthelemy

Rudy Barthelemy

VP of Business Development

What We’ve Achieved

Our Company was Founded – After working for mobile carriers for over 10 years and seeing the lack of help and transparency, he decided to be an ally for all those wanting help. He personally saw many times that their best interests were not put forward. So, he quit his job at one of the top wireless companies and started Mobilia with the goal of reducing your telecom expenses and increase your cash flow.

First Major Contract

After spending 6 months researching and discover the pros and cons of other cost reduction companies, Mobilia implemented the best practices in the industry. Offering our clients, a truly no risk, win-win solution. With this goal in mind, we started our sales process in late June 2013 and landed 3 new clients.

3 Year Anniversary

3 years later and well over 50 clients, we are still working hard to make sure our clients pay the least amount possible. We look forward to helping your company be among our happy clients.

New Services Added

We now offer auditing and monthly management of wired landlines, data, and VOIP. We are now able to purchase wireless & VOIP devices for our clients. This helps our clients pay the least amount possible on devices and to make sure the devices are implemented correctly.

New Provider Solutions

Achieve desired business outcomes through our portfolio of best-in-class solutions from industry-leading providers in the following categories:

  • Cableco
  • Hosted Infrastructure/Managed Services/COLO
  • Conferencing/Collaboration
  • Network
  • Contact Center
  • Telco
  • Payment Solutions

A New Partnership Begins

Bryan & Donovan Story

How it Works

Free Audit

Your review is free.  Our analysts have worked for many of the vendors you are paying, so we are experts in making sure you pay the least amount possible.

Invoice Access

You provide us with access to your invoices for us to begin working on a plan to save you money.

Vendor Review

Our line-by-line review of your invoices will significantly lower your bills and ensure you’re paying the least amount possible.

Savings Proposal

By reviewing thousands of invoices, we have benchmarked pricing and know what you should be paying.


We cut costs without changing your vendors.  You choose which savings to implement, if any.

Monthly Management

Every month we go line-by-line making sure you never miss billing errors, time sensitive promotions and rate changes, which results in lost savings.

Get Paid!

You get paid!  Plain and Simple.  You collect a percentage of validated savings every month.  How many of your vendors do that?


Q. How much time will a review take from my staff?
A. A review requires very little from your staff. We only need one month’s worth of bills.
Q. What happens if you don’t find savings?
A. While this rarely ever happens, then you can rest assured knowing that experts have reviewed your bills and confirmed that you are paying the least amount possible.
Q. What will a review cost our company?
A. There are no upfront fees. We simply earn a portion of the savings. If we don’t find anything, you don’t pay anything.
Q. What if we don’t want to share sensitive information?
A. All we need to see are the bills from last month. We don’t ask for sensitive or confidential information from you or your company.
Q. We have in-house staff that handles our bills we don’t need Mobilia, right?
A. We employ people who previously worked in the kinds of companies you pay each month. This gives us a serious advantage in knowing how these companies operate. We know the margins, unpublished discounts and rates, and the negotiation policies.
Q. What are unpublished rates?
A. Many vendors maintain certain rates for specific clients and situations. They do not publish these rates since they are much lower than normal, but our staff can almost always access these rates for your business, providing incredible monthly savings.


The team at Mobilia were curteous and professional. They knew how to target cost savings where recurring costs tend to add up.

Tim Kennedy

Vice President, Trident Construction

Mobilia succeeded in achieving significant cost savings for our company immediately after implementing their recommendations.
Scott Slawson

CFO, The Greenery, Inc.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mobilia Consulting’s services to any other business that is looking to make sure their fixed costs are under control.
Richard Krenmayer

CEO, Stasmayer, Inc.

Mobilia Consutling has helped Metro Elecric Co Inc reduce cost to our mobile phone bill by about 30%.
Randolph H Harley

CFO, Metro Electric Co. Inc

Choosing Mobilia was a good decision for our company. Their business proposition is simple. They don’t get paid unless they provide savings. We will save tens of thousands of dollars in the coming year from Mobilia’s review process and on going watchful eye.
Rodrigo Fernandez

IT Manager, DLC Resources

I was very impressed by the savings Mobilia achieved. I consider myself to be frugal, but there’s simply no way we could have devoted the internal resources the way Mobilia could with their staff, and expertise. I consider our review with Mobilia to be one of the best choices I’ve made in business.
Melanie Wheeler

CFO, Branch Group Inc.

Mobilia located significant savings for our technology firm. We were very impressed with the professionalism of Mobilia’s team. The audit was not an intrusion, required no budgeting, and we are only paying a percentage of savings found.
Marc Snyderman

COO, Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc.

Mobilia Consulting reviewed our cell phone expenses and found major savings that surpassed our expectations.
Ron Cartledge

President Shared Services, Evening Post Publishing Newspaper Group, Inc