1. Ensure Flexible Operating Model

Today, in order for organizations to grow they require stronger Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) to consolidate the company as well as wanting to transform their products by offering value-added features to their services. Therefore, it is important for the CFO to make sure that the operating model is flexible and can change in order to add value to the business as a whole.

2. Invest in Digital Technology

CFOs need to have knowledge of the Return on Investment (ROI) that can be gained from the company investing in digital technologies such as social media, cloud computing or big data and maintain a strategy that prioritizes the digital items that work.

3. Maintain Strategy

As companies expand to different regions or countries, create new products and provide better services, it becomes difficult for a business to have an overall desired outcome, therefore it is essential for the CFO to maintain a strategy that is beneficial for the entire organization. This strategy must ensure that all needs of the business are reached, financial risks are managed by the treasury, and that it supports the objectives of all other C-suite members of the team.

4. Consider Financial Future

The CFO must look to the future and consider the economic value of every entrepreneurial decision made. Business indicators should be taken into account from the start and the financial future of the company must be examined in order to respond to changes in the market.

5. Stronger Finance Function

The financial skills of a CFO are most important. They must embrace a diverse range of responsibilities which may range from being able to communicate coherently to being more aware of specialist business process knowledge or particular economic industries.

The Accenture study states that a stronger finance function for the CFO creates a high-performance business. By allowing your CFO to invest in digital technology, maintain strategy and embrace a more financial role within your business, you could help boost the success of your company.